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Thigh riding got7









































He’d ask this because he’s not the person you go to for help with the barn responsibilities.You’d look at her and roll your eyes because she was such a Daddy’s girl.Originally posted by gsvnrewind Mark: Chuckling quietly to himself, when he saw you wearing his sweater and hat, rapping along to his part in Just Right (because that’s a bop!).He’d secretly be touched and would treasure every bath he gave your daughter.Originally posted by jjverse2 Youngjae: He’d be a bit embarrassed because the cashier was basically saying his looks were not as good as yours.He could never convince you to wear a full set of pajamas to bed and he hated it.He’d pull you into the bedroom with him before hiking up the shirt you had on.Before he’d leave you alone, he’d make sure that he told you he didn’t mean it and that it should have never come out of his mouth. EN SAVOIR PLUS >>>















Black Girl Magic ? GOT7 Reaction- Thigh Riding Kink

*gifs are not mine* Mark: To say he was turned on was an.GOT7 Reaction- Thigh Riding Kink Anon asked: Got7 reaction to you having a thigh-riding kink? This was a very interesting requestJaebum is always trying to find excuses to put his hands in your hair.SAVAGE FIGHT! If Jung motherfucking Jinyoung gives you his time of day and you don’t appreciate that shit, he won’t let you live another day without remembering how you’ve wronged him.The initial nervous laughter transcends into moans and hisses from both of you.He’d ignore you, keeping his eyes fixated on what was in front of him.He saw with his own eyes as the handle of your hair brush snapped in half as you tried to detangle your tight coils.You had invited your cousin and her kids to the hotel the. Sprits your hair with water, lather on a little bit of jojoba oil, then add the conditioner.Does he section off the hair and then spray it with water.Of course he found your cursing at him funny, but what he doesn’t know is you’re plotting actual murder.Originally posted by jimiyoong Yoongi Doesn’t really react much to it.JB freezes and looks at you with eyes that dared you to do something.But he didn’t know that your hair was way too thick to not be combed in sections.GOT7 REACTS TO: Needy s/o riding their thigh when they’re too busy for sex Anon Asked: GOT7 reaction to you wanting to have sex but they are busy, so you just ride their thigh instead The AhGaSes are567.56.342.99

jaebum smut sur Tumblr

“ Because I love you god damn it.Youngjae - He was a slow love maker, but when he was close his pace would become rough every time.You practically trembling as he crouches down in front of you.? His lips ghosting over your wetness.You heart stopped when it stilled, pointing directly at you.He mostly stuck with his handful of immortal friends, clinging to their relationships for some semblance of normalcy.” After you rolled your eyes, you stood up so you could go and grab a drink but he grabbed your wrist almost immediately and spun you into his torso. “Since when did you start working with Jisung” he said his voice stern and low. “If I didn’t sleep with him, then maybe you would have lost your job and I would have been expelled.Your neck fully exposed as you sat in his lap, his free arm holding you close to him. Got7′s Reaction to your innocent.

You moved your hands to wrap around his neck as your lips moved in sync.Your lips connected again and your hands roamed his body. You look gorgeous by the way, as usual,” he said winking.Jackson leaned in a little closer, letting you fill the gap between your lips and his.His thumbs hooked in the waistband of your shorts and pulled them down a little.You turned to him and gave a warm smile, one that he.” Jackson had been very disconnected from conversation for the rest of the night but the two of you hadn’t had the opportunity to be alone yet so you couldn’t talk to him properly.Seeing him talk to you ignited some kind of fire in Jackson’s stomach.This guy was giving you a look as if he was flirting.The two of you were both too tired to go out anywhere so had opted to just stay at home and snuggle on the sofa eating junk food. “Hey, Jackson,” you greeted as you pecked him on the lips.It overwhelmed him a little but tried not to let it show.As you waited behind the door, you heard their voices hush to a whisper.

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nct thigh riding

Jackson Imagine - Thighs (Smut) A/N - This one was requested by @tea-and-baescuits so I hope you like it! Keep on sending in your requests everyone~ Tonight you had planned a little movie night with

Oral with GOT7.

Got7?s Reaction to your innocent/cute looking self....


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